Edge-o-Matic FAQ

Zap Around:

    Edge-o-Matic 3000 production is available for backorder.
    Check current lead times below. Your order will ship as soon as your device is assembled. Please understand that your order may take a shorter or longer amount of time than is listed below. We are working on making the turn around time for these devices faster, but we can not guarantee a specific date for a device to be sent out after it is ordered at this time.

    What is the current wait time for an Edge-o-Matic?

    Average Turnaround Time:  Roughly 8-10 Weeks (It could be a little less or a little longer due to parts shortages. Please be patient.)

    Current Roadblocks: Reduced Staff, Parts Shortages

    The electronics industry as a whole is currently facing issues due to COVID: parts are going on back order from our usual suppliers, and we have successfully found suitable replacements. Due to this, the wait times are higher, and the look of the device you receive may vary slightly from the one pictured. Rest assured, your unit will work just the same!

    (Wait times remain the same as of 4/1/2024)

    Why does this take so long to make?

    As of right now, the whole company is 2 people strong! Mau - Of MausTec! (The '...boss? I guess?') and VEC.TOR (The 'Manager'). We thank you for your continued patience.

    Can I view the manual for this product before I buy it?

    Yes! You can view and manual here: Manual

    Can I view the source code?

    Yes! You can view that here: Source Code

    Will I get free software updates?

    Yes! You can download the newest software for your Edge-o-Matic at anytime from this page: Software Releases

    Is there a place for other information?

    Yes! Please check out our twitter for information about build times, when new releases happen, whats going on around the shop and more! Go to Twitter

    Is there a trade in value when you make a new physical version?

    Sadly, no. Due to the nature of this product we will not be offering any sort of trade in deals.

    Something broke, now what do I do?

    Depending on what broke you can find a replacement part here: Spare Parts
    If you do not see the part that you need, such as the 3D printed shells, please send us an email at: info@maustec.io and we can help you out!

    Do you offer discreet packaging?

    Yes! Every package is sent in a very ordinary looking brown box that has no obvious indications where it came from, or what is inside.

    Do you supply a power cord for my country?

    Yes! All units come with the correct power cord for the country it is shipping to. If you need a different power supply, or your country uses a difficult to come by power cord- please let us know at check out.

    Is this only for people with a penis?

    The human hardware requirements are: an anus and a sex organ that responds to vibrations. Though most of the use data is based on those with a penis, this unit can work for a variety of different individuals. 

    Can this work with other inflatable butt toys?

    If it inflates and it has an air tube, you will be able to connect it to the Edge-o-Matic. It is important that you can squeeze the toy with your butt, so we recommend hollow core silicone inflatable toys. 

    Will other devices be compatible?

    Yes! We are planning to add AC controllers as well as smart controllers for other products. 

    List of things we are currently working on / looking into:

    • Venus 2000 - Completed! Check out our Mercury 1000
    • NimbleStroker
    • Tremblr Milking Machine
    • Various Bullet Vibrators and Head Stimulators

    Currently you can connect to:
    * Native Bluetooth Support for Lovense toys (More coming soon)
    * Buttplug.io Support via Web UI (Adds support for multiple WiFi and Bluetooth devices)
    * Xtoys (See their website for details)

    Can this control estim devices?

    No. We are not comfortable making interfaces for estim controllers, so we will not directly make such an adapter.

    How can I connect to Lovense toys?

    The device supports direct Bluetooth connections to certain Lovense toys. After powering on the Edge-o-Matic, open the main menu by pressing the scroll wheel, navigate to "Network Settings" (select by pressing scroll wheel). Select "Enable Bluetooth", then "Bluetooth Pair". Nearby Bluetooth devices will show up on this screen. Upon selecting a device, the Edge-o-Matic will attempt to take control of it using a preinstalled driver. If some device exists which we do not have a driver for, it is possible we can make one.

    How easy is it to swap out toys for use with different people?

    All of the airline connectors use barbed press fit connections, which can be pulled apart to exchange with other toys. If you would like to use multiple toys you can either: change the toy at the spliced end of the airline or buy spare airline assemblies and keep those with the toy. They can be purchased here: Airline So in short: very easy.

    I want to have this order ready and in hand by a specific date, can I make that request?

    Yes! When you are placing your order let us know the date that you wish to have the product by in the notes section of the purchase window. Be sure to purchase the fastest shipping option at checkout. (We will reach out to you via email. We may not be able to meet the specific date you request, but we will try.)

    Do you offer any kind of warranty on this product?

    The craftsmanship of the unit is under warranty, when you receive your product it will have been tested to be in working condition. If for some reason your unit does not work, or you suspect it has some kind of defect please let us know at: info@maustec.io and we will resolve the issue. 

    We do not cover issues that are caused by the user after they have received the product. For more information on this, please click here: Policy