About Maus-Tec Electronics

Hey There!

My friends call me Mau, like the sound a cat makes. In past years, I used to work at a leather shop selling armor pieces, and in my own time tinkered about with a solder iron and old VCRs. I've been a programmer for a long while, and with the powers of crafting and programming combined found a neat hobby in electronics.

When 2020 happened I was faced with a sudden and unexpected career change, and decided to refine that electronics hobby while hunting for more programming work. Eventually, I decided to focus on the hobby more and set out to create production-worthy electronics, props, and prototypes.

My workshop is my old home office, which has been converted into a small-batch electronics assembly line and test bench. Each day I work from afternoon well into the next morning refining new designs, assembling orders, trying to learn marketing, and focusing on how I can make cooler things for you to enjoy.

I take pride in all my creations, whether it be my Thermal Detonator replicas and the custom soundboard I hand-assemble, or the builds of the open-source NoGasm adult toy. My posters and graphic design hang on my own walls, and are printed upstairs, in house, on the best quality printer and paper I could find. It doesn't matter what it is I'm making, I always try to do so as perfect and careful as I can.

What's my Vision?

This year was hard on all of us in unexpected ways, and my immediate goal is to grow my hobby into a sustainable business so I can continue doing what it is I love to do: Tech, programming, assembly, packaging, and printing! Most importantly, I want to create more electronics to solve more problems, or to bring more joy.

One day I will be able to extend a job offer to my friends, starting with my roommate (who has been extremely helpful so far), and offer to them a stable job that survived and was born out of the very example of instability. I know I can do this one day, with your support.

My ultimate vision is moving this store out of the house and into a proper shop, and building a space where people can come together (where it is right to do so) and learn the very lessons I have during this adventure. Community workspaces and workshops in the cosplay and electronics world are niche, but if there are people in the greater Chicagoland area that would visit our shop, then I will one day be there.

Passion in Products

My best work has always been in solving problems or creating new things that I myself am passionate about, from my portfolio of software clients to the range of products in this shop. By channeling this passion into creation, I'm confident that I can build devices that stand out among the others as a creation of someone invested in that product.

Thermal Detonators were the first success story of my shop, brought about by my own fascination with creating film-accurate Star Wars props that do more than just look the part. I wanted a prop that functioned, and felt satisfying to hold. My posters came to be because I needed a small piece of my passion on the walls. Above my desk are the Sith Code and the White Fang poster, remnants of my two most favorite fandoms. I can channel passion into creation, but that's only the start of this journey.


This is Maus-Tec Electronics, a collection of creations that I absolutely love building. Your support, shares, wishlists, and purchases mean the world to me.

Thank you.
-- Mau