Connect to via HTTPS

How to connect to with Https

- Go to:

- Download each of the Raw Files (cert.pem + key.pem)

- Put both downloaded files onto your micro SD card in the root directory.

- In the config.json file, set “use_ssl” to true. Make sure your Wifi credentials are correct. (In this image, they are not used. But your file should have your Wifi name and password located here.) Save the config.json file once this is complete.

- Put the SD card back into the Edge-o-Matic 3000.

- Your device should connect to the wifi you input.

- In a Google Chrome tab, go to: http://eom3k.local/

(If this does not work, check the host name config on the config.json. If it still does not work, your network may not support Bonjour. In this case, connect to your device via the IP address. You can find the IP address for your Edge-o-Matic in Networking > Connection Status.)

- Once connected, certificate invalid will be shown. Click on
Advanced and select proceed. It is safe.
Congratulations! You can now connect to with your device in Https!