About Maus-Tec Electronics

Maus-Tec Electronics is a very small company of just two people, with the occasional friend helping out. When 2020 happened, Mau lost their programming job and tried to keep things floating by working on cosplay props and other small electronic builds to sell online. Since then we have found our niche which eventually lead to creating the Edge-o-Matic 3000. As demand and support rose, VEC.TOR was hired on to help with the assembly, customer service and marketing. Today Maus-Tec has been able to move the workshop out of the house office and into a real office of its own. Hopefully in the future more employees can be hired on and our product line can expand!

What is our Vision?

Originally it was being able to make Mau's tech hobby into a sustainable business. Now in 2023 this goal has been reached! Our new goal is to get to a point where we can hire more employees, improve our unique sex tech items, create new and exciting products and eventually offer same day pickup for our products!

Passion in Products!

Our best work is in solving problems and creating new things we are passionate about! By channeling this passion into creation, we build devices that stand out among others as something unique and truly enjoyable to play with.


This is Maus-Tec Electronics, a collection of creations that we absolutely love building. Your support, shares, wish lists, and purchases mean the world to us.

Thank you.