Edge-o-Matic Options

Edge Delay: Minimum time (ms) after edge detection before resuming stimulation.

Maximum Additional Delay: Maximum time (ms) that can be added to the edge delay before resuming stimulation. A random number will be picked between 0 and this setting each cycle. 0 to disable.

Minimum on Time: Time (ms) after stimulation starts before edge detection is resumed.

Auto Edge Duration Minutes: How long to edge before permitting an orgasm.

Clench Time to Orgasm: Threshold variable that is tick counts of clench to detect orgasm.

Lock Menus: If turned on, the menus will lock after 2 minutes and deny user attempts to stop the session or adjust the edge sensitivity. The lock extends to the end of post orgasm timer.

Post orgasm lock: if turned on, the Edging+Orgasm menu will lock after orgasm detection. The lock extends to the end of post orgasm timer.

Clench detector in edging: Use the clench detector to adjust Arousal.

Clench sensitivity: Threshold over arousal to detect a clench : Lower values increase sensitivity.

For additional details and more information check here: https://github.com/maustec/edge-o-matic-3000/#configuration