Classic -> Edge-o-Matic 3000 **UPGRADE**

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This is an upgrade option for an existing NoGasm Classic order.

  1. This listing is only valid if you have an outstanding order for a NoGasm Classic on or
  2. This listing will upgrade the base unit in your order from the NoGasm Classic to the Edge-o-Matic 3000. Everything else will remain the same.
  3. You MUST provide an order # in the notes upon checkout, or I will reach out for more information.

You CANNOT purchase this listing if:

  1. Your NoGasm Classic has already shipped.
  2. You purchased a NoGasm Classic from elsewhere (this is only for pending orders from my shop)
  3. You have cancelled, or intend to cancel, your original order.

Purchasing this upgrade will modify your original order, and that order will still be used as the source of shipping information. Correspondence will be forwarded to you with details after this is completed.